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Two New Travel Advisors Join the Destinations by Tamara travel team, Sara Grubel & Jodi Weil!

Welcome Sara Grubel! New Associate Travel Advisor with Destinations by Tamara!

I’m pleased to announce that Sara Grubel, of Worldwide Escapes, Inc., joins Destinations by Tamara as an Associate Travel Advisor.  She has over 23 years of corporate experience where she built trusting relationships and provided stellar customer service to her clients. Throughout her adult life, Sara curated business and personal trips both domestically and internationally, leveraging her research, planning, organizational and project management skills to create dream trips.  She enjoys learning about different cultures and the significance of historical sights and is passionate about making memories through experiences and adventures. Sara has been to many places around the world and her favorites include: Israel, Jordan, France, Amsterdam, Belgium and London, among others.

On most weekends, she can be found at the soccer or baseball field with a camera in her hand and cheering loudly in support of her two beautiful children.  She loves reading and traveling (of course!).

Phone: 866-413-7227


Welcome Jodi Weil! New Associate Travel Advisor with Destinations by Tamara!

Jodi worked as a Physical Therapist in New York before moving to Atlanta in the fall of 2018.  With her oldest son now in college at UGA and youngest son a sophomore in high school, she decided to pursue her long-held passion for travel.

In her leisure time, she has always loved planning trips for her family and friends and traveling around the world.  She has traveled extensively throughout the US, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and Australia.  During COVID, she drove cross country twice with her family visiting both cities as well as National Parks.  She loves to become immersed in the culture of wherever she visits.  Whether visiting remote Berber camps in the desert of Morocco, cooking with renowned chefs in Italy, or visiting wineries in Portugal and South Africa, Jodi cherishes the time that she spends bonding with locals.  She also has a bit of an adventurous side whether it is hiking the Narrows in Zion National Park, rappelling down waterfalls in Costa Rica, hot air ballooning in Cordoba or riding her bike through the Pyrenees.  Jodi’s goal is to create lasting memories for your family and friends by combining the perfect amount of adventure, culture and relaxation time.

Phone: 770-710-0065


Why Travel? It’s Healthy!

As I entered my soul searching stage with my career, realizing that there were many things that were more important than the rat race of my work, I knew it was time to re-prioritize. Things like family, friends, giving back more, my own wellness, adventure, LIVING LIFE. The ability to combine my passion for travel and wellness is a draw too hard to ignore. And helping others do the same, and really experience the benefits of travel of their lives and well-being, makes me feel like I am doing something that makes a difference. Everyone should experience the nourishing effects of traveling. In this section, I am going to share benefits of travel, travel snapshots, inspirations, tips, etc. Would love to see your comments, thoughts and builds!

Benefit of Travel #1: Traveling can really open your eyes to the world around you. If you’re open and willing, travel can make you an incredibly more well-rounded person. And that’s really the goal, isn’t it? Taking an amazing trip to a wonderful new adventure is something everyone should do at least once in their lives. This planet is beautiful. There are fantastic cultures, people and things to see all around. You can explore just for the sake of exploring a place. You can learn about history. You can take trips that are focused on giving back to the planet and other people. It’s so very important to see what’s out there beyond the world we live in each and every day to really grow. I traveled a lot with work, in particular to Olympic Games, and many have been in areas I would never have traveled otherwise. I saw the small side streets of Beijing and their precious attempt at English translations on signs. I saw what life was like in small villages of Vanuatu, in particular for women while creating a documentary about those trying against all odds to make it to the Olympic Games. I saw the favelas of Brazil. And so much more. These experiences opened my eyes in ways I could not have imagined, and probably are some of what led me to make decisions I have made for my life now.

What are ways that travel has helped you grow?


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